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Posted by leonie.thompson on July 20, 2012 at 8:10 AM

This is an activity you can print and cut out, to play on a table or spread out on the floor.

The semibreves go for 4 beats, minims for 2, crotchets for 1, and quavers for 1/2. All values are depicted by their size, so each bar of 4 beats can be tested by measuring it with a 4 beat semibreve card.

How many levels high can you make a tower, if it can only have 4 beats on each level?

How many different combinations are there if you start with one quaver?

Find a partner and challenge them to a race - make up your own rules (for instance; no minims allowed, make 3 bars of 3/4 time!)

Clap back the rhythm you create! Maybe you can make a tune to go with it!

OPEN GAME HERE and to name notes and know their value, OPEN HELP SHEET HERE

Have fun!

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