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Posted by leonie.thompson on July 20, 2012 at 1:25 AM

Interactive music games are great for younger students. They can have fun playing a colourful game whilst learning important musical concepts, like note naming, rhythms, key placement, time signatures and more.

Below are a few FREE games I found online (some would look like fun if I were 5 again!)

Test yourself!

How did you go?

  • NOTE NAMING in the TREBLE CLEF - This is a fun (and bright and colourful) click and drag game, testing knowledge of treble clef notes. See what words you can make.

  • NOTE NAMING on the entire GRAND STAFF - After chosing which notes to be quizzed on (try the 'select all' button), students are then being timed and need to name the note appearing on the grand staff... This is a great one for those with a keen sense of improving their Personal Bests!

  • PIANO KEY recognition - This is a VERY IMPORTANT one for every pianist. So, the sooner it's conquered the more easily sight-reading will come, and the quicker music can be learnt.

  • TIME SIGNATURES and bars - This game is a free compose game, with play-back functions to LISTEN to what you compose! The trick is, you must know how many beats fit in each bar.

  • RHYTHM! - I highly recommend this one for young students as it not only developes their sense of pulse and rhythm, but it trains the ear to listen, retain, and repeat small sections of rhythm as accurately as possible. It also helps them to recognise small discrepencies in the different rhythms, important in their own piano playing.

  • RHYTHM reading - This game differs from the one above in that students READ (not listen to) the rhythm and then tap it out.

  • RHYTHM writing - This is a rhythm dictation game, where student get to move the correct notes onto the music. Start easy to build confidence and an understanding of how the game works, then move up to medium etc.

Thanks to www.classicsforkids.com and www.emusictheory.com

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Reply leonie.thompson
7:22 AM on July 20, 2012 
Another great ear training online activity can found here: http://www.musicalmind.org/one-note-piano.php
It helps develop perfect pitch or 'aquired' pitch, the ability to hear a pitch and know which note on the keyboard it is.
Read the 'tips' below the activity before trying it out. have fun!

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